Commercial Building — Construction in Minneapolis MN
Commercial Building — Construction in Minneapolis MN

As General Contractors, Sieco Construction with assist with your project from the beginning planning and design stages, to construction, and all the way to completion. It is important to Sieco Construction to provide you with plan that results in a final product that is both affordable and exceeds expectations.

Quality is key to us. Sieco Construction, Inc. performs all of our own work. The secret to our success belongs to what we call the 3 C'sCommunication, Coordination, and Cooperation. If you maintain these things anything is possible.

Services we provide are:
  • New construction – We believe that whenever possible, it is very important to work directly with owners, architects, and engineers to assure that your project has our eyes on it. By doing so we not only help to value engineer your project, but if we're going become very familiar with everyone and everything involved.
  • General Contracting